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SGs Partner World

SG's Partner World is the products and services portfolio of SG Technology Consultants. It also includes third-party products that we have been involved in and experienced with consultancy, project management, implementation, or development. SGs Partner World is not a marketplace nor a paid listing. We suggest a product only after thoroughly understanding it, preferably through involvement in end-to-end live projects. We can confidently replicate success for new clients with firsthand experience with a product in live projects. In summary, the products and services listed here are the ones we have experienced with live projects. We are willing to work with any technology provider or supplier our clients have contractual agreements with. 

SG Technology Consultants specialises in technology consultancy to streamline your transition into the online and mobile sphere. We support identifying the crucial components missing from your e-commerce business and marketing strategy, guiding you toward sustainable business growth solutions. Our services include IT consultancy, software development, marketing management, travel technology, e-commerce platform optimisation, mobile application development, custom solutions, and more. Explore our offerings at www.sgtechconsultants.com for tailored solutions to elevate your digital presence.

This portal makes it easy to browse our products and services.  You can contact us through the portal if you are interested in a commercial proposal, demo, or a meeting.  While we have extensive expertise in travel, tourism, airlines, cruises, limousines, marine, aviation, aerospace, and hotels, we don't stop there!  Our live projects span various industries, including company formation, supermarkets, healthcare, labour supply, logistics, magazines, IT companies, Cybersecurity, tax and accounting firms, travelogue, marketplace, public figure websites, real estate portals, and more.

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