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Product Category: Marketing Management
Investment Range: On Request
Product Code : SGTC193
Business Sector: All industries

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Marketing management is the broad compass guiding a company's efforts to understand its target audience, create valuable products and services, and promote them effectively. It encompasses everything from market research and product development to pricing, distribution, and communication strategies. Digital marketing, on the other hand, is a specific set of tools and tactics within the marketing management toolbox. It utilizes online channels like social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization to reach and engage customers in the digital space. While marketing management steers the overall direction, digital marketing executes specific actions within that strategy. 

Service Highlights

Market Analysis
Product/Service Development
Pricing Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Promotional Strategy
Digital Marketing channels
Sales Management
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 Marketing Budget Management
Marketing Analytics

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Number of Contracts: 5
In marketing management, from the same industry, we only make limited contracts per market per city.

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