The Story of SGs Partner World

The Story of SGs Partner World

 SG's Partner World: Unlocking Success Through Technology Partnerships

At SG, we understand the critical role technology plays in delivering exceptional project results. However, navigating the vast landscape of third-party applications and providers can be challenging.** That's where SG's Partner World comes in!

Building Confidence Through Familiarity

We've observed that projects are often more successful when we utilize technology we already have extensive knowledge of. SG's Partner World takes a proactive approach by researching and evaluating products and solutions from various providers across different industries. We prioritize those that frequently appear in client projects or Requests for Proposals (RFPs) we handle.

Open to Innovation

While established and reliable solutions form the core of our partner ecosystem, we're always open to exploring innovative startups and emerging technologies. However, the final decision on incorporating new providers always rests on client requirements and our team's capacity.

Global Reach, Local Focus

Our current network of partners spans France, India, UAE, USA, and beyond, ensuring access to a diverse range of solutions. However, our core focus region remains the Middle East, Africa, and India. Partner with SG and experience a collaborative, results-oriented approach to project management.

Introducing the SG Product and Services Portal

We've heard your feedback! Clients frequently inquire about our booking engine options, website packages, and broader service portfolio. Previously, consolidating and providing these details involved significant time investments.

The SG Product and Services Portal aims to streamline this process. It offers a convenient, self-service platform where you can gain initial visibility into our offerings. This saves you time and facilitates more focused discussions during subsequent meetings.

Transparency is Key

The portal further fosters transparency by clearly showcasing the number of projects we've undertaken with each product and our experience level for each. This allows you to make informed decisions based on our proven track record.

Important Note:

The portal may include demo access and information provided by our partner companies. It's important to understand that SG is not a reseller of travel technology products. We act as a trusted advisor, studying and recommending the most suitable solutions based on your unique project needs and industry best practices. 

The portal only features a selection of products within each category. As part of our consultancy services, we can delve into a broader range of options to identify the perfect fit for your project.

Partner with SG and unlock your project's full potential!