Frequently Asked Questions

SGs Partner World, is this a marketpace ?

No, SG's Partner World is our product and services portfolio. It includes only the products and services with which we have experience.

How can we become your partner and list our products?

This is neither a product directory nor a paid listing, but rather a portfolio showcasing our experience. As a consultancy and project management firm, we work with any technology provider with whom our clients have a contractual agreement. In this case, we have no preferences for any products or services; any with which we have at least one project experience are listed in our portfolio by default.

Why is the supplier's name not mentioned? Do you compare products?

SG Partner World is not a product or supplier comparison portal. This is just a partner products and services portfolio of SG Technology Consultants.

Do you support paid listings for our products?

No. This is not a paid service.

Are you a reseller of the mentioned travel technology products?

We don't have a reseller agreement with any travel technology companies. It will be either the products owned by us or a partner product.

What is your role after a technology provider or supplier is introduced?

We are not lead generators for technology companies, but a consultancy and project management firm. Once a product is identified as the best fit for your company, we will actively participate in the project, ensuring that the scope is well-defined, the process is followed, and coordination with all involved parties is maintained to ensure the project goes live successfully.

Whom do you charge, the client or the technology company?

We are a company that places utmost importance on trust and transparency. If the technology provider pays us for the project or our efforts, then we do not charge the client, and vice versa. We never engage in duplicate charging for the same service.

Will the contract be signed with SG Technology Consultants or the product-owning supplier?

Our portfolio is a mixture of SG Technology Products and services and Partner Products. You will be signing a contract with SG Technology Consultants only for products and services owned by us.